5 Reasons To Try SUP Yoga

I recently fell in love with Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) yoga. I momentarily felt like I was cheating on my yoga pants, but I got over the guilt pretty quickly when I realized how rewarding it was. You know that moment when you find something your soul just loves and you get this “ahhhhh” inner sigh feeling as you sink a little deeper into bliss? That was my SUP yoga experience. Lots of people asked me why I love it so much. I have some answers.

1. Connect with nature in a new way

Usually yoga has you planting your feet and connecting with the earth. SUP yoga lets you ground yourself to water instead. You get to breathe the open air as you practice outside. The wind brushes over you gently as you lay motionless, breathing in the fresh coolness. Coming out of savasana, you can open your eyes and look at the sky, taking in the clouds, the sunset, the sunrise, maybe even the stars.

2. Change of scenery

Sheryl Crow has this great song called “A Change Would Do You Good”. I don’t know how she feels about SUP yoga, but she’s right about the benefit of change. It’s easy to become complacent when you go to the same place all the time to practice.  SUP yoga allows you to enhance and vary your experience on different bodies of water. You can allow yourself to be affected by the beauty of nature in a way you haven’t before.

3. Improve balance

It’s one thing to balance and trust stable ground to hold you. It’s another thing entirely to balance, trusting your muscles and the shifting water. It’s like doing yoga on a BOSU; it’s the ultimate instability training. Muscle memory helps you adjust to these fluctuations and can help bring your balancing abilities to the next level.

4. Upper body workout

Paddling out to practice and paddling back after is a bonus upper body workout to help sculpt your arms and shoulders. Even the act of carrying the board to and from helps you build strength in a way that carrying a rolled up yoga mat to and from class doesn’t.

5. Greater sense of accomplishment

It feels so good to not just nail a pose but to nail it on the open water. There’s no better feeling than paddling back to shore after some quality time being bendy on the board. In that moment, when I’m at peace and relaxed, I feel magnificent. I feel strong and capable.

SUP Yoga is a great way to connect with nature in a new way, have a change of scenery, improve your balance, have a great upper body workout and head home with a greater sense of accomplishment. It’s definitely worth trying out, to see what sound your soul makes as you practice on the shimmering waters. Your yoga pants will forgive you.

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