Why SUP?

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) is reported to be the fastest growing sport in North America, here at Wake Up Sup we’re not surprised to hear this. Here’s a list of why we love to SUP:

1. its accessible – anyone can do it: young, old, fat, thin, grumpy, happy.

2. core strength – you’ll be amazed at your core strength even after a few paddles.

3. its relaxing – if you get tired you can lay down & take a nap on the board.

4. its an awesome way to spend time on the water.

5. you can do it alone or with your friends & family.

6. you can take your dog with you.

7. its fun!

8. SUP Yoga – yoga but with a moving mat.

9. its inexpensive – once you get a board you’re set up, no boat, fuel or lift tickets to buy.

10. its environmentally friendly – no fossil fuels being burned, no noise pollution.