Demo Board Blow Out Sale 2016!!

Blue soft tops (includes board & paddle) $299-$399 (reg. $899) 4 available Radar soft tops (includes board & paddle) $499 (reg. $999) 1 blue one available 1 pink one available now (pink one has some damage to the... read more

Unplug to Reconnect (On A Paddleboard)

Sometimes the very things that keep us constantly connected can actually make us feel disconnected from ourselves and from our surroundings. Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is a great way to unplug from technology to plug back in to what really matters. It’s so... read more

Extending Your SUP Season

We had such a great summer on the water with friends old and new. We had the distinct pleasure of introducing people to the joy of SUP with our introductory lessons. We taught the basic anatomy of the board, the things you need to consider before you head on to the... read more

SUP Yoga For Mindfulness

You can feel your heart racing and your breathing accelerates. Your lungs constrict and your chest tightens. Your pulse pounds incessantly as anxiety sets in. It can be hard to keep afloat in a metaphorical way. For many people coping with anxiety, mindfulness is an... read more

Demo Board Blowout Sale!!

Blue soft tops (includes board & paddle) $499 (reg. $899) 4 available for pick up after October 12 Radar soft tops (includes board & paddle) $599 (reg. $999) 1 blue one available 1 pink one available now SOLD Kahuna isup – wahine (includes board, bag, pump... read more

The Best People To Try SUP Yoga With

We’ve discussed why you should try SUP yoga. You know it will be amazing but it can feel overwhelming to try something new. For that reason, we suggest using the buddy system for an extra push to commit. We have some great ideas to help you pick the ideal... read more

Paddling Together: Team Building Through SUP

How many times have you thought, “It would be so much easier if everyone in this canoe was paddling in the same direction”? As a manager, sometimes it can feel like your team is going off doing their own thing and they are all out of sync. Maybe the best... read more

4 Reasons To Rent a SUP

They say you can’t buy happiness. You can rent a SUP, and that’s kind of the same thing. There are lots of reasons to consider a SUP rental, here are just a few: 1. High density awesome Have you ever wondered if it was possible to rent just 10-12 feet of... read more

Why Retreat?

Retreat is traditionally a military term. It refers to a withdrawal of military forces from battle. This might be a touch dramatic, but the principle still applies in modern times for everyday people. Retreats are an opportunity to withdraw from whatever you are... read more

5 Reasons To Try SUP Yoga

5 Reasons To Try SUP Yoga I recently fell in love with Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) yoga. I momentarily felt like I was cheating on my yoga pants, but I got over the guilt pretty quickly when I realized how rewarding it was. You know that moment when you find... read more