We had such a great summer on the water with friends old and new. We had the distinct pleasure of introducing people to the joy of SUP with our introductory lessons. We taught the basic anatomy of the board, the things you need to consider before you head on to the water, how to paddle, turn, and transport a board safely.

After successful (and fun!) introductory lessons, we encouraged our customers to deepen their yoga practice by taking it out on the waves and bring a friend. In our SUP yoga classes, we enjoyed the company and expertise of a variety of instructors who led our clients through a range of poses and sequences.  We relaxed with deep meditation and practiced mindfulness.

For those who wanted even more, we ran weekend retreats that provided yoga and SUP yoga intensives for eager participants. The summer was full of amazing memories and experiences for staff and customers alike. They say all good things must come to an end. Or do they?

We are so lucky to enjoy the moderate weather of the west coast. Just because scheduled classes have ended, it doesn’t mean you have to stop hitting the lake and enjoying the sensation of gliding on the water. We have a Wake Up SUP Community Paddle Group that gives you the opportunity to network with other local paddlers and plan excursions. It’s a great way to make new friends and explore different waters on your own board.

Don’t have your own board yet? What are you waiting for? Check in and see what kind of paddleboard might meet your needs from our stock. Enjoy the independence that comes with having a board of your own. It’s like the keys to your first car, you will never forget the excitement of your first board. Let us help you make that a lasting memory.

Not ready to commit just yet? No problem! Check out our rental options. After all, something borrowed is a key part of a wedding. You can borrow ours and make any day on the water into a special occasion – without any of the commitment (and it’s not even chilly enough for you to get cold feet!) There are lots of great reasons to rent.

While you are eagerly waiting for next summer’s classes start back up again, get out there and enjoy the crisp autumn air! We will meet back up in the sunnier weather so we can hear all about your off-season adventures. There’s so much more to explore! They say all things must come to an end, but that’s just not the case here on the west coast. Until we meet again, namaste!