How many times have you thought, “It would be so much easier if everyone in this canoe was paddling in the same direction”? As a manager, sometimes it can feel like your team is going off doing their own thing and they are all out of sync. Maybe the best way to get everyone paddling together would be to actually get everyone paddling together. SUP makes for a great team building experience for a lot of reasons.

1. Think Outside The Box

It’s a cliche, but to be creative, you need to think outside the box. It might be time to get everyone out of the cubicle. Sometimes to take down the walls and get the team working together, we need to get away from the walls we’ve built ourselves (particularly the upholstered ones). Nobody likes to feel boxed in. Get creative juices flowing breaking down barriers by getting out into nature.

2. Go Where The Wind Blows

So much of strategic planning is about adapting to changing conditions in the operating environment. What better way to illustrate the need to adapt than by exposing your team to a variety of changing conditions. On a SUP, you chart your course taking into consideration the wind. You adjust your footing based on the movement of the water and learn to ride the waves. Wardrobe is adjusted based on wind and air temperature. Adapting to a changing business environment isn’t always fun, but time practicing change management on the water can be a blast.

3. Regular Board Meetings Are Important

Board meetings are great – but do they have to be around a table? Maybe your board meetings would be more productive if they were conducted on an actual board. When things sit for long periods of time, they can get stagnant. Meeting participants are no different. Maybe it’s time to stop sitting and start standing up – on a SUP.

4. Prevent Death By PowerPoint

Endless slides cause the brain to slip into a meditative state, missing the message entirely. A SUP yoga class with your team could let them experience a meditative state so they can internalize your message. Instead of boring people to death with presentations, it might be invigorating to help them feel alive paddling on the water.

5. Make Memories, Not Minutes

How many times have you walked away from a meeting and not remembered what exactly had transpired? How many times have you needed carefully typed minutes to reconstruct the time that passed by? A SUP team building event can make your meeting memorable. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all and paddle boarding makes for great photos.

It’s definitely possible to get your team paddling the canoe in the same direction. You might find the first step is to get them paddling together on paddle boards. Make memories not minutes, prevent death by PowerPoint, schedule regular board meetings, go where the wind blows and think outside the box. Get your team out on the water and learn how to ride the waves. Check out the details here to book your team building event today.