We’ve discussed why you should try SUP yoga. You know it will be amazing but it can feel overwhelming to try something new. For that reason, we suggest using the buddy system for an extra push to commit. We have some great ideas to help you pick the ideal “try something new” buddy to make your first SUP Yoga experience memorable.

1. Co-worker

Bringing someone from work means water cooler conversation the next day is instantly going to be more exciting. No more office gossip or idle chatter about sitcoms. Together, you can regale your colleagues with tales of your athletic exploits. If you can survive a three hour meeting that should have been an email with your cubicle mate, you can accomplish anything (even master paddle boarding!)

2. Sibling

You overcame childhood together. You watched each other through every phase of adolescent awkwardness. There might even be a little rivalry going. What better way to bury the hatchet once and for all than to bury your paddles in the lake? You’re well past tattling to mom, so what happens on the lake, stays on the lake.

3. Significant Other

If you get the silent treatment during SUP Yoga, it’s probably just because it’s the meditation at the end. If your partner is suggesting you try to be more flexible, this is definitely a fun way to demonstrate your willingness to learn. It’s easy to retreat into smartphones and laptops at the end of the day. Time on the water is quality time, disconnected from electronic distractions. Dedicate your practice to your partner and see what being active together can do for your relationship.

4. Blind Date

SUP yoga is a unique way to avoid the dreaded coffee date cliche. Coffee shops can be noisy and the whole experience superficial and one dimensional. Let your first date be a memorable experience. Your new romantic interest will leave feeling relaxed and energized and associate that with time spent with you, which is incredibly strategic. You also have a plausible explanation if you happen to start sweating and feel your heart race a little, after all, it is exercise.

5. Parent

You may have always wanted to follow in their footsteps. Let them paddle ahead and do just that! Parents can be the biggest cheerleaders around. They have experience encouraging you or even tricking you into trying new things (think broccoli! or something more fun than broccoli, because this is really fun!) They have watched you grow and develop and this is another opportunity for them to witness you succeeding. With this fun outing suggestion, you are guaranteed to become the new favourite.

6. Best Friend

You keep each other’s secrets and tell each other everything. Why would you want to keep the fun of SUP yoga to yourself? Friends don’t leave friends on the beach alone. You’re always there for one another. Remember that time your best friend helped you move? Do you need to ask them to help you move again? Make sure your buddy is nice and Zen before you go there again. Do SUP yoga with someone who has shown you they will namaste-in your life forever.

Trying new things can be intimidating, but it can be fun and exciting with the right partner in crime. Your coworker, sibling, significant other, blind date, parent or best friend can make your experience even better. Don’t be shy! Use the buddy system and pick a class to attend together.