loonlakeretreatRetreat is traditionally a military term. It refers to a withdrawal of military forces from battle. This might be a touch dramatic, but the principle still applies in modern times for everyday people. Retreats are an opportunity to withdraw from whatever you are fighting and just “do you”. There are a number of different reasons to retreat.

Sometimes the purpose of retreat is to heal. It’s an opportunity to recover from whatever battle has been waged upon you. You can rest your weary body and safely nurse wounds. It’s possible to recharge and fuel yourself for the next round. You can strengthen your body, mind and heart at a safe distance from the fray, whatever that looks like in your life. You can develop improved resilience for the future. You can come down to the water and satisfy your thirst that has been building.

Other times the purpose of retreat is to gather. In pulling back from the battle field, there’s an ability to assemble with your team. You can enjoy the comfort of fellowship, camaraderie and commune with people who understand what you have been through. There’s a kinship, an almost audible recognition of one soul by another. While your journey is private and personal, there are witnesses to your growth.

In the security of retreat, you can strategize. Through your practice and in meditation, you can find better ways to approach things moving forward. There’s enough quiet to hear yourself think, build a new plan, and imagine things differently. You can learn new skills and techniques that will enhance your ability to weather life’s challenges.

What does that look like in practical terms? What does it look like for you? That’s a personal question. It’s up to you where you park your tank and rest.  What it could look like is Connect & Revitalize * SUP Yoga & Meditation Retreat, currently in it’s second amazing year.

The experience includes yoga & meditation classes with awesome instructors, fabulous food to nourish your body, SUP yoga & paddle skills on Shuswap lake and 2 nights accommodation at the The Solitude B & B in Sorrento, BC.

Details & registration are here: http://wakeupsup.com/product-category/retreats-events/
Dates: August 19/20/21

This is an opportunity to retreat from battle and give yourself a chance to heal.  Gather with others and draw up your new battle plan. Park your tank and come down to the water to drink it all in.  Retreat!